Tinger Terrain

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Tinger Dogs are built to make every ride in the snow or grass more incredible than the last. Tinger Dogs meet the demands of ice fishing, hunting, accessing remote trap lines and more. The Tinger Dog is an all season terrain utility machine that is compact and highly versatile. Tinger Dogs are a cost-effective alternative to the snowmobile. This all season all terrain machine allows you to traverse through any terrain in an efficient manner.


Ice Fishing

applications for the Tinger Dog in a snow setting which this is for hunting deep in the woods or just going to your deer stand


applications for the Tinger Dog in a snow setting which this is for going to check your traps or hauling your prey back to your cabin or vehical


The tinger dogs are great for forestry work. You can haul your tools or any equipment needed for the job into the woods


The tinger dogs can be a lot of fun for winter activity's such as pulling your kids in sleds or just riding around the woods

Outdoor Fun

You can groom trails for fat bikes and skiing trails


Great for Search and Rescue missions


You can use the Tinger Dogs for fixing electric towers or any type of construction jobs


Dog Sledding

Ice Fishing




Outdoor Fun




Dog Sledding


Tinger Dogs are a reliable mean of transportation that will take you, your ice shanty, all of your gear and your fellow fisherman friends to your favorite ice fishing spots.  With a studded track, it can easily carry a train of 3-4 sleds with a load up to 1000 lbs over the ice.  With extremely low ground pressure of 0.5 PSI, Tinger dogs will make ice fishing trips safe and fun!


Tinger Dogs can be your best friend while you're hunting. There is no need anymore to drag your prey out of the woods by foot.  Tinger Dogs can pull a moose, deer or elk easily with a weight up to 600 pounds.


There is no need to walk around the woods to check your traps anymore! Tinger Dogs can carry you to your trap spots and carry the prey back to your cabin or vehicle.


Tasks become much easier with a Tinger Dog! Tinger Dogs can help you haul fire wood and take care of local forest duties deep in the woods.


Tinger Dogs are a great way to have family fun. Recreational activities like pulling skiers, sleds, or simply traveling around is a great way to spend your free time.


Tinger Dogs make trail grooming easy and fast!  Using our Tinger Dog grooming accessory allows you to groom a 20" or 34" trail with ease.  X-Ski grooming accessories allow you to groom trails for cross-country skiers and fat bike trails.


Tinger Dogs can assist in search & rescue missions. Searching for lost people in the woods and fields is a lot easier with an all terrain Tinger Dog. With a surface pressure of 0.5 PSI, Tinger Dogs are great for Ice rescue. They are able to pull out anyone if they were to break through the ice safely. 


Tinger Dogs can helps carry equipment to far locations in snow or fields, such as generators, chain saws or any other necessary compact size equipment. Tinger Dogs are a great help to repair electrical lines after snowstorms or service communication towers which are located in the forest.


Tinger Dogs are a great addition to train dog sleds. Dog sled trainers can follow dog packs with the Tinger Dog, to correct and transfer positive dog sledding training experience.


  • FAQ

1.  Frame with plastic housing

2.  Roller-spring suspension

3.  Track

4.  Engine

5.  Handlebars

6.  Hood

7.  Headlight

8.  Mud

9.  Manual starter handle

10.  Fuel tank

11.  Air filter

12.  Exhaust pipe

13.  Drive CVT

14.  CVT belt

15.  Secondary CVT

16.  Disk Break

17.  Reverse Gearbox

18.  Drive chain

19.  Chain protection cover

20.  Hitch (Sled Coupling)

21.  Battery



Engine Type

Horizontal Single Cylinder 4 stroke OHV

EPA phase III compliant



87+ octane unleaded gasoline


1 Gallon

Engine Oil

Type SAE

10W-30 above 32° F

5W30 at 32° F or below


1.16 Quart

Run Time @ 50% Load / Full tank

3 hr.

Sound Level at 22 feet

108 dB

Compression Ratio


Rotation viewed from PTO




1″ x 3.48″


1/4″ (6.35 mm)

End Tapped

3/8″ - 24

Spark Plug


NHSP® / Torch® F6TC


0.027" - 0.031"

Valve Clearance


0.0039" - 0.0059"


0.0059" - 0.0078"



1,800 ± 50 RPM


3,600 ± 50 RPM

Tinger Warranty

6 Months or 100 running hours

The warranty period on the original spare parts for Tinger all-terrain vehicle, except for some components, is 6 months or 100 running hours (whichever comes first) from the date of installation of spare parts on the all-terrain vehicle.

The warranty applies to spare parts, repaired or installed to replace defective parts during the warranty repair, only within the warranty period for Tinger all-terrain vehicles or until the end of the warranty period for individual components (whichever comes first).

  • Affordable: The Tinger Dog is 1/4 the price of a new snowmobile

  • Safe: Maximum speed is limit is 25 mph

  • Compact: It FITS in the back of an SUV or a Pickup Truck! After unloading, it will easily fit in your 2 car garage with your other vehicles.

  • Lightweight:Weighs only 300 lb without any accessories.

  • Powerful: The Tinger Dog Pro can haul up to 1100 lb and even more on snow

  • Reverse: This model includes Reverse Drive

  • Tinger Dog
  • Shipping

What is the towing capacity of a Tinger Dog?

Tinger Dogs towing capacity varies depending on the type of surface (snow depth, ice, marsh, mud, grass, etc). Guaranteed cargo load for 13 hp engine - 650 lbs and more.

Is a Tinger Dog convenient to transport in a car?

Tinger Dogs are designed to be conveniently set up and transported in a trunk of an SUV or pickup truck. The sleds are designed to be used as a transportation base for the Tinger Dog. Place your Tinger Dog into the sled and position it in the trunk, tie it down using straps to fix it in one position.

What snow depth can Tinger Dog can get through?

Provided that there is not much water underneath, Tinger Dogs can get through snow up to 20 in deep. In most cases, a Tinger Dog can continue in situations that become unpassable for ATV or on foot.

What is the maximum slope angle when riding Tinger Dog?

The maximum grade which the Tinger Dog is capable of passing varies with types of surface (ice, snow, rocky surfaces, etc.). Generally, the Tinger Dog can pass areas, where a person could climb on foot without using one’s hands for additional balance. However, this is a heavy duty operation for Tinger Dog, resulting to increased wear of the belt and the continuously variable transmission, so do not overuse riding across hills. A long ride uphill also has an impact on the engine but the operation in a sloped position is an abnormal operation mode with potential oil starvation, which can also result in premature engine wear. Please refer to the engine owner manual for the operating incline angle limitations.

What thickness of ice is safely passable by a Snowdog?

Ice may have different strength based on its recency, purity and water salinity. The strongest is clean recent ice in fresh water with no noticeable under-ice flow. Other conditions decrease the strength of the ice. If this “ideal” ice is an example, the Tinger Dog is capable of supporting a human with as little as 2 in of thickness (as the surface pressure of a Tinger Dog is less than of a human). But water bodies do not freeze uniformly, thus ice riding is only possible at 4 in of thickness, since the driver should be able to walk on any ice which is traveled over.

What is the minimum temperature to operate a Tinger Dog?

What is the warranty period for Tinger Dog?

Warranty period for a Tinger Dog is 1 year. For service and warranty repairs please contact us or one of our dealers.

What is the minimum age to ride a Tinger Dog?

We do not recommend use of a Tinger Dog for children under 16 years old, not because of the children’s inability to control a Tinger Dog, they can control it easily, but rather the awareness of their actions and consequences.

Is it allowed to ride a Tinger Dog along public roads/snowmobile tracks?

Tinger Dogs are prohibited on public roads. Concerning snowmobile roads, we recommend consulting with the owners of the roads.

Why can Tinger Dogs engine shut down when going up the hill?

Tinger Dogs are equipped with an automatic oil level sensor that shuts the engine with a low oil level or when the Tinger Dog is at a large angle of inclination. In case of engine shut down, we recommend to place the Tinger Dog in the horizontal position, check the oil level and start the engine if the oil level is correct.

What are the types of grease to use for the continuously variable transmission/chain/bearings?

For the continuously variable transmission and bearings, NLGI-2 or higher standard lithium greases are recommended. To grease chains, use a wintertime spray lubricant for motorcycle chains.

Where can one buy an attachment for the second sled?

You can order a second sled from our website. There is a tow ring provided at the back of the sled, which is used to attach the second sled.

Can you Ship a Tinger Dog to my Home?
Yes! All orders within the United States will be delivered via FedEx LTL. FedEx LTL will use a lift gate and safely deliver your Tinger Dog to the designated area you want on a pallet. Please email us regarding International inquires for a shipping quote. 
Can I change my delivery address?
Sometimes you may need to have your Tinger Terrain products arrive elsewhere
Yes, you may change your delivery address (assuming your order has not been delivered or to far along in transit). We recommend emailing us immediately upon realizing that the address may be wrong with your order. If your order is already in transit, there may be additional freight charges incurred. Please contact at us Info@TingerTerrain.com
How much is shipping?
Shipping is automatically calculated at checkout. For areas out of FedEx LTL zone, we will contact you immediately if additional charges are necessary.
Do we ship worldwide?
We have shipping rates set up for anywhere in the USA. If you are from Canada or anywhere else in the world please email us for a shipping quote.
How will my Tinger Dog be shipped?
Your Tinger Dog will be shipped with FedEx LTL on a pallet. If we have to deliver to your house, we will make sure the truck has a lift gate and able to get it down from the truck and into your garage.
Order Timelines
Our current lead time for Tinger Dogs is 1-2 weeks. Our current lead time for Accessories is 2-7 days from order date. 
How do I track my order?

When your order is confirmed, it will move through our order system and to the warehouse dispatch to be processed and pick your order. 

Once our warehouse team has picked your order and organized the dispatch you'll receive an automatic email from Tinger Terrain that will contain your tracking link and tracking number.

  • The tracking link won't show tracking information until your goods have been collected by the courier. This should usually be the same day. Please be aware that you may not see tracking progress until 24 hours of you receiving the automatic email.

  • If there is still no tracking progress showing after 24 hours of you receiving your tracking link, please email: Info@TingerTerrain.com quoting your order number if possible.



The handlebar bag provides storage space and water protection for small items. Equipped with a transparent pocket window for the navigator and slot for the 12DC socket to charge your devices.


Keep your hands protected from wind and the cold with handlebar mitts. Made from water resistant Oxford 1680 fabric.


Sleds can be equipped with removable seats which easily fasten and adjust to the size of the rider. For a more comfort ride, the seat includes a turning mechanism, shelf for small items and a cup-holder.


Our Tinger Dog Sleds are made from HDPE plastic, 0.2" thick. They are durable and light. The sleds are connected to the Tinger dog with a shock absorbing device and metal tubing. The sleds are equipped with plastic runners on the bottom for stable ride, drift reduction and a longer life.


A solution to clean your territory from snow. Easy and fast installation on a Tinger dog.


This stand-up groomer is designed to groom single track narrow trails. It is made from 0.08 stainless steel and powder coated. The groomer is 20.5'' wide, and may be extended to 34'' with two removable side panels. Grooming was never as easy till now!