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«Love what you do and do what you love» 

This motto is the fundamental principle for the Tinger team.

Our first production all-terrain vehicle rolled off the assembly line in 2008 – since then many changes have taken place. Production has been constantly evolving, the product range has been extended, and output has increased hundredfold. The only thing is unchanged: we are still sure that we move in the right direction and create vehicles surpassing western counterparts.

Our main value — people, high-skilled professionals. Engineers, designers, marketing experts and workers: every person has his/her challenge and is ready to work to reach a collective goal. Today Tinger is the powerful vehicle with unique characteristics inaccessible to many rivals. Having taken global experience and analyzed tasks of the Russian consumer, we’ve designed and produced multi-function all-terrain vehicles and trailers with a wide application area. ATVs can replace five kinds of vehicles – quad, swamp mobile, snowmobile, boat and tractor. You are our main judge.

Our cooperation with leaders of the automotive industry and motorcycle business is constantly developing, as a result now Tinger dogs can be purchased online and shipped to your door (USA) or bought at a local dealer in the USA. Our dealers work on the uniform standards which are based on our ambition to provide high quality service and interactive cooperation with our customers.

Tinger is a fantastic example of how a great idea came to life. This happened thanks to persistence, aspiration and engineering developments of our experts and specialists.

Feedback communication – one of the main aspects of our business. Many innovations for products made under the «Tinger» brand are the result of opinions, wishes and recommendations of our clients. Experience has proven that our vehicles are highly evaluated by hunters, fishers and fans of extreme leisure activities.

Our principles

  • To develop and implement new types of products with perfect technical characteristics. Step by step: higher and better.

  • To consider customers’ feedback. Not only hear, but listen to them and draw conclusions accordingly, to apply the gained knowledge practically.

  • To maintain honest and trusting relationships with our partners.

  • To develop corporate culture, to stimulate personal and collective creative work and to promote good relations in our team.

  • To be careful and economical with the material resources of our company, to be rational and efficient with our working time and to keep the workplace clean.

  • To strictly follow rules of ecological safety and to control emissions.