Warranty - Tinger Terrain

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The manufacturer's warranty for Tinger ATV is 24 months from the date of purchase or 300 hours of operation, whichever comes first.

The supplier/seller provides to the Buyer a manufacturer's ( «TINGER» Company) warranty. All benefits connected with ATV provided by warranty liability come into force after the date of ATV handover to the first retail buyer or his/her authorized representative. If ATV was purchased by the intermediary, warranty liability come into force after the date of ATV handover to this intermediary.

Tinger's obligation is to uphold the manufacturer's warranty and does not limit the legal rights of the buyer according to the Agreement of purchase from the TINGER dealer and the rights which are guaranteed to you by the national legislation regulating sale of consumer goods. During warranty period the supplier/seller undertakes by its own efforts or by forces of the contractors on the territory of the Russian Federation to carry out maintenance or replacement of defective units and spare parts. Warranty maintenance is made at delivery of ATV to the authorized dealer center together with the present Service Book.

Terms of warranty

The primary condition of warranty repair is the delivery of any all-terrain vehicle by the buyer to the service center of an authorized dealer. All units and spare parts installed during any warranty repairs are covered for a period not exceeding the remainder of the original warranty period. All warranty repair work is applicable to Tinger all terrain vehicles providing it has the serial number of the engine and frame number specified in the service book.

Responsibility of the owner

The documentation applicable to each vehicle, given to the purchaser, describes how to properly maintain and operate the all-terrain vehicle. Proper maintenance and operation will help to prevent significant repair costs caused by misuse, neglect or improper maintenance, as well as helping to maintain the value of any all-terrain vehicle on the secondary market. The owner should:

• Ensure that all required maintenance work is carried out and that any materials used comply with the technical specifications from Tinger. Note: untimely carrying out of maintenance operation and non-compliance with the intervals ordered by the TINGER company cancels warranty liability concerning the corresponding elements of ATV.

• Deliver ATV to the dealer for carrying out of repair after detection of defect in the shortest time. It minimizes influence of this defect on ATV and on the volume of repair work.

Note: at disposal of the qualified technical specialists of TINGER dealers there is equipment which is necessary for ATV service with use of TINGER brand spare parts and maintenance of optimum operational characteristics. It is required to keep the documents confirming performance of repair/scheduled maintenance, and monitor that notes about the carried-out service were entered into documentation of ATV.