Warranty Tinger Dog - Tinger Terrain

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Tinger Warranty

6 Months or 100 running hours

1.Manufacturer's warranty on all new Tinger all-terrain vehicles.

Any element of Tinger all-terrain vehicle, with the exception of individual components that are listed in para. 1.2., 1.3. and 2.2. shall be free for replacement or repair of any authorized dealer center within the warranty period, in case of identifying a defect in its in material or factory defect, committed before handover of Tinger all- terrain vehicle to the first purchaser, upon condition of the timely passage of the ATV for maintenance in accordance with the requirements specified in the service book. The right to decide about the necessity and method of warranty repair (repair or replacement) belongs exclusively to the authorized dealership.

Spare parts and materials replaced during warranty repairs become the property of the manufacturer.

1.1.The warranty period and service life of the all-terrain vehicle

The warranty period for the elements of the new Tinger all-terrain vehicles, except for certain components, referred to in paragraph 1.2. This warranty is 24 months or 300 hours of operation (whichever comes first) from the date of sale (transfer) of the Tinger all-terrain vehicle to the first buyer (i.e. from the warranty start date specified in the service book). The owner has the right to make a warranty claim, related only to the quality of materials and quality of manufacture, and only during the warranty period.

1.2. The warranty for the individual components.

Individual components of the Tinger all-terrain vehicle listed below are warranted from the date of sale (hand over) of Tinger all-terrain vehicle to the first buyer (i.e. from the warranty start date specified in the service book) within 6 months, or until the first scheduled service (depending on the what comes first):

Brake discs;

All lamps of outdoor lighting;

Adjustments, including, without limitation: the track tensioning adjustment (for tracked models), power transmission belts and chains, adjustment of headlights, adjustment of steering free stroke, of the lever and gear shift mechanism;

Exhaust system;

Accumulator battery;

Gaskets of various types (except cylinder head gaskets);

Supporting suspension bearings;

Dynamic elements of the suspension, including the springs (tracked models);

Tires for wheel models and tracks for tracked models;

All elements and details of transmission including master and slave variators.

1.3. What is not covered by warranty

The manufacturer's warranty is only limited by the nature of the manufacturing defects and does not cover the following cases:

1.3.1. Routine maintenance, destruction of disposable items and expenditure of other materials when performing routine maintenance, diagnostics and regulation works;

1.3.2. Normal wear of any part, natural aging and destruction of the coating components, paint layer, rubber parts, upholstery and trim as a result of normal use and environmental impact of the environment, including acid rain, aggressive substances from the atmosphere, industrial pollution, chemicals, plant juice, stones, salt and hail, hurricane, lightning, floods, and other natural phenomena;

1.3.3. Slight deviations do not affect the quality, characteristics or operating capacity of all-terrain vehicle or its components (for example, a slight noise, squeaking or vibrations that accompany normal work of units and ATV systems); insignificant (which does not affect the normal consumption) seepage of oils, fluids or lubricants through the gaskets and seals, indistinguishable without the use of special methods; defect of trim elements, paint and galvanic coating; insignificant in quantitative terms presence of bright or dark spots (not more than 3 pcs.) on the display screens installed by the manufacturer or under the manufacturer's control;

1.3.4. Damage due to incomplete or inappropriate care, such as neglect of the daily or periodic inspection and maintenance, specified in the operating manual, a significant excess mileage between scheduled maintenances (more than 50 hours or one month, whichever comes first);

1.3.5. Damage resulting from the use of non-original parts, devices or equipment not approved by the manufacturer, or elimination of consequences of repairs, maintenance and any other types of work performed by the technical center of non-authorized Tinger dealer;

1.3.6. Damage of the Tinger all-terrain vehicle as a result of a traffic accident, negligence, neglect, misuse of Tinger all-terrain vehicle equipment, incorrect methods of control, its use in races, rallies, in cross-country competitions, and so on, as well as modifying Tinger all-terrain vehicle or parts not approved by the manufacturer;

1.3.7. Damage as a result of boarding/alighting of passengers and / or the driver, loading and unloading of cargo;

1.3.8. Expenses associated with inability to use the defective all-terrain vehicle, loss of time, fuel costs, telephone, travel expenses, loss of income or other commercial losses;

1.3.9. Repair of any malfunctions of all-terrain vehicle, on which odometer readings were artificially altered, as well as all possible faults related to these losses;

1.3.10. Moisture condensation on the inner surface of the external lighting devices;

1.3.11. Faults and their consequences that have arisen as a result of untimely removal of other defects after their detection;

1.3.12. The losses resulting from failure of the components referred to in para. 1.3.13, or parts, the warranty period for which ended by virtue of the established restrictions;

1.3.13. Consumables and lubricants, and other items used or subject to wear and degradation during normal operation, such as:

• Air filter

• Oil Filter

• Fuel filter

• Spark plug

• CVT belt

• Brake pads and steering pads

• Blades for windshield wipers

• Fuses

• Bulbs

• Oils, fluids and greases for all ATV systems

• Fuel

• Drive chains

• Etc.

2. Warranty for paintwork

This type of warranty provides free repair of painted surfaces in case of identifying the defect of paintwork materials or technology of their application, and only if the causes of these defects are of production nature. The right to decide about the necessity and method of warranty repair belongs exclusively to the authorized Tinger dealer, who will conduct the repair.

2.1. Warranty period

The warranty period for paintwork of the new ATVs is 6 months or 100 running hours (whichever comes first) from the date of sale (handover) to the first Buyer (i. e. from the warranty start date specified in the service book).

The owner has the right to present claims to the quality of the paintwork only during the warranty period.

2.2. What is not covered by warranty

The manufacturer's warranty is limited only by defects of production nature subject to the restrictions specified in para. 1.3, and does not apply to the following cases:

defects of all-terrain vehicle or its individual elements specified in para. 1.3.2, 1.3.6 and 1.3.7 of this warranty;

defects of all-terrain vehicle or its individual elements caused by external influences (including, but not limited to): industrial, construction, and chemical emissions, acid or alkaline air pollution, acid rain, plant juice, waste products of birds and animals, anti-icing agents, parts of the road surface, such as stones, sand, and salt, etc.;

ATV damage caused by force majeure, including, but not limited to: fire, accidents, natural disasters, lightning, floods, earthquakes;

defects of paintwork or other decorative coating of parts which are not elements of a body (mufflers, wiper arms, hinges and locks of covers and hoods, decorative trim of ATV body, etc.);

abrasion of paintwork on the contact surfaces of interacting parts that occurs during normal operation of an ATV.

3. Warranty for spare parts

Outside the warranty on new Tinger ATV, the manufacturer provides a warranty for genuine spare parts and accessories in accordance with the definition set forth in this warranty.

Spare parts warranty is granted on the condition of the purchase and installation through the authorized Tinger dealers. Performance of warranty can be claimed at the authorized Tinger dealership, where the spare part was purchased and installed, upon presentation of documents confirming the purchase and installation of the spare part.

Note: Use of low-quality fuel can lead to contamination or subsidence of combustion products on surfaces of the respective parts; affect the power system and the engine on the whole up to its failure, it also can lead to damage of oxygen sensors and other components.

3.1. Warranty period

The warranty period on the original spare parts for Tinger all-terrain vehicle, except for some components, is 6 months or 100 running hours (whichever comes first) from the date of installation of spare parts on the all-terrain vehicle.

The warranty applies to spare parts, repaired or installed to replace defective parts during the warranty repair, only within the warranty period for Tinger all-terrain vehicles or until the end of the warranty period for individual components (whichever comes first).

3.2. What is not covered by the warranty for spare parts

The manufacturer warranty for spare parts is limited only by defects of production nature, made before installation of the spare parts on an all-terrain vehicle with regard to the restrictions specified in para. 1.3 of this Warranty.

Warning: Use of non-original parts or accessories leads to reduction of operating quality, safety and durability of Tinger all-terrain vehicle and may result in inability to meet your requirements for the Warranty.